Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is The Retrospect Project?

Come one. Come all. Step right up and feast your peepers on the newest feature on Best in Class. The Retrospect Project*.

A middle school sideshow of sorts. Except instead of viewing the Bearded Lady or the World's Smallest Man, we will be reliving the freakiest and geekiest moments of the middle schoolers who have gone before us. The moments that made them who they are as adults. The events so deeply etched in their subconscious, no therapist will dare battle them alone.

In this feature, the very bravest Best in Class readers will venture into the darkest recesses of their minds and record their fiercest adolescent memories. All for your enjoyment.

The very first feature will run tomorrow, so prepare yourselves. Brush up on your Teen Beat and Saved by the Bell if you want to make it to the head of the Blast from the Past class.

If you fancy yourself a courageous individual with nostalgic leanings, perhaps you would like to submit your own tale in the future. If so, please contact Ms. P at I'm always looking for my next victim. Mwahahaha.

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, this post was heavily inspired by the Mortified book series. I highly recommend it. 

Waiting for your writing,
Ms. P
* Originally called Blast from the Past. 

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