Saturday, January 8, 2011

We love you, Miss Hannigan.

Well hello, my little pig droppings. Let me tell you, some days of teaching are particularly trying. Don't get me wrong. I love my 154 children, but sometimes their hormones get the best of them. And me.

On days when I've been plagued with that especially contagious strain of middle-school girl drama, I de-stress on the way home from work by screeching out my best Ms. Hannigan impression, particularly the Carol Burnett Ms. Hannigan. And specifically, the song "Little Girls."

Some women are dripping with diamonds.

Some women are dripping with pearls. 
Lucky me! Lucky me! 
Look at what I'm dripping with- 
Little girls.

I'd have cracked 
Years ago 
If it weren't for 
My sense of humor.

Some day I'll land in the nut house 

With all the nuts and the squirrels 
There I'll stay 
tucked away
Until the prohibition of 
Little girls. 

I highly recommend it for stress relief. If your car is fresh out of bathtub gin, you can always pretend like your smart phone is a flask. By the time your commute is over, you will have exorcised all your internal demons and be ready to face the world again.

Mentoring under Ms. Burnett,
Ms. P

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