Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Snow Day Activities

What students don't realize is that teachers are just as excited about a snow day as they are. Students may think they've got the market cornered on night-before-the-possible-snow-day superstitions (inside out pajamas, ice cubes down the toilet, wooden spoon under pillow), but they would be wrong.

Similar thoughts run through our heads as teachers. If I finish those lesson plans, I bet we will have a snow day. If I'm not prepared, I just know we won't. I'm just not going to look out the window. I'll get ready as usual. If I bound out of the bed and run to the window, it surely won't be snowing. 

The moral of the story is that everybody likes a break, regardless of how much you love your job. However, when the snow day does come (like it did for me today), the magic wears off by about 2:00 in the afternoon. You've run through the laundry list of traditional activities. Snow ice cream. Snow man. Snow angels. Hot chocolate. Golden Girls re-runs. And now you're bored. You're stir crazy. Though you'd admit it to no one, you kind of miss those little cotton headed ninny muggins that you'd normally be teaching in 5th period.

Here are 8 non-traditional endeavors to fill your time (that don't involve that ubiquitous stack of ungraded papers):

1) Make animal masks for your eggs. Sure, it will be harder to scramble those boogers in the morning, but - darnit- they'll be the cutest protein-packed product in your fridge until then.

2) Name a math theorem after yourself.

3) Make Edward Scissorhands winter gloves with hot glue, plastic knives, and a little ingenuity.

4) Make an alien abduction lamp with dollar store supplies.

5) Send snow, frozen in dry ice, to a complete stranger.

6) Make a wager on how many oranges you can balance on your cat.

7) B-boy Abe Lincoln, anybody?

8) And finally, design a miniature replica of Stonehenge out of cereal. Rice Krispyhenge.

Perhaps you're more productive on your snow days? I certainly hope not. ;)

Wishing my dogs would stay still long enough for me to stack this last orange,
Ms. P

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