Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Retrospect Project: Hunter Harris

Tomorrow, I'll post the second installment of The Retrospect Project. This one is particularly hilarious. I read this witty gem to my students last week, and these were some of their questions and comments for the author, Hunter Harris:

1) "Is he an adult now?"
2) "I felt like he has been where I am now."
3) "Is he married?"
4) "I like his word choice. I especially liked the big words I didn't understand.
5) "I like how he knows he's a nerd."

Interview with Hunter to whet your appetite:

Ms.P: Describe an everyday outfit for you at the time of the story.
Hunter: I was a JNCO jeans fan. Being abnormally tall, my pants weren't as baggy as some of my peers. In fact, they actually fit properly, much to my chagrin. 
Ms. P: Who was your middle school celebrity obsession?
Hunter: Even though she was a little bit ahead of my time, I crushed Lisa Loeb pretty hard. Oh, I also remember being in love with every member of 3LW at some point or another.

Ms.P: What was your dream job at the time?
Hunter: I wanted to go to Harvard and become a chemist. I distinctly remember telling my parents that I didn't want to go to Harvard during one of my pubescent blowups. Geez, I was such a vindictive dweeb.

Ms. P: Sum up your middle school experience in one word.
Hunter: Well-intended.

Baby Hunter says, "Read Best in Class tomorrow. I will not let you down."

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