Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Damn Good Sentence Contest, Part 2

I debuted the Damn Good Sentence Contest on Monday. It's a bit of a competition where you vote for your favorite one of my students' sentences in the comment section OR on facebook.

Sentences that make you say "Then What?!"
1) I walked out of the room feeling confident that today was going to be easy, but if that was true, then turtles hunt bears with ray guns.

2) Two fatal gunshots rang out.
3) Right before I opened my mouth for disapproval, his furious, hungry scissors ate away at my hair like a parasite.

4) Uncertain, I started to creep forward, but with all my best efforts I still couldn’t help from snapping a few dried up twigs. 
5) I would rather give The Count the wrong number of the day. I’d rather be lactose intolerant and try the gallon milk challenge than be by this kid. I would rather watch Glee. I’d rather clean a gas station bathroom. I would rather staple my eyes shut and run around busy streets.

Pick your favorite. I know mine.

8 bonus points:

toppla said...

5. Definitely 5. I laughed out loud at the lactose intolerance sentence, and I would genuinely like to know more about "this kid."

[But I'm a tiny bit saddened by the Glee part.]

Did you teach that student to vary the "I'd" and "I would" sentences or did s/he take that initiative? Very nice.

Ms. P said...

My favorite too, Linds.

We haven't even gotten to parallel structure yet, much less mixing it up a bit. He's just that awesome.

I refer to him on the blog as Mr. Potato Head. Look for that nickname in the tags to the right for more of his story.

Carrie Mastley said...

#5 without a doubt. This kid is seriously hilarious.

muwbrandie said...

5 has my vote as well.

erin said...

yeah, I love number 5 as well :)

Savannah said...

I love five, but I gotta give my vote to number 1. Too funny.

Real Life Reslers said...

I'm all about number 5.

Deirdra Harris Glover said...

Number 5!

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