Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Retrospect Project 3: Meet Beth Kander

Tomorrow, I'll run the 3rd installment of The Retrospect Project. I feel extremely lucky to introduce this next Retrospect Project writer. Meet Beth Kander, a writer from Jackson, Mississippi.  

This girl has some serious writing credentials...
from plays...

to a children's book.

Recently, she was voted "Best Jackson Writer" in the Jackson Free Press's Best of Jackson awards. Do you know what that means? She received more votes than The Help's Kathryn Stockett, Sweet Potato Queen Jill Connor Browne, and icon Ellen Douglas.
 See the Jackson Free Press write-up below.
Best Jackson Writer: Beth Kander

Author, playwright and educator Beth Kander won this title amid stiff competition including Jacksonian Kathryn Stockett, author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Help." Kander's latest play, "Unshelved" is about a women suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and just finished a run with the Fondren Theatre Workshop at the Eudora Welty Commons. Her life and history shines through her writing, as does her penchant for creative prose, imagery and even the occasional groan-inducing pun. While she acknowledges the importance of writing what you know, Kander believes the imagination can paint just as poignant of a picture. 

--Carl Gibson

Second: Kathryn Stockett / Third: Jill Conner Browne / Good Showing: Ellen Douglas
And, now for the official Best in Class Interview:
  • CD or tape most likely found in your radio in middle school- The Beatles: Abbey Road 
  • A fashion trend you participated in wholeheartedly- Overalls (sad, but true)
  • An outfit we would find you wearing at the time of the story- Overalls. I meant it when I said overalls. Probably accompanied by black tennis shoes, a plaid and/or flannel shirt, and a bright, colorful scrunchy. Did I mention I also had braces? Sigh.

  • A poster on your wall or a celebrity crush – Dean Cain. I still love you, Clark Kent/Superman.

  • What you thought you “would be when you grew up” – A writer. Or, failing that, Vice President of the United States. But not in a Sarah Palin kind of way.
  • Sum up your middle school experience in 1 word – Over-thought (is a hyphenate word okay?)
P.S. If you're the 500th person to "like" Beth's professional Facebook page, you get a free book! Only four likes to go. It could be you!

Looking forward to tomorrow's harrowing tale,
Ms. P

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