Monday, February 7, 2011

What do teachers do....

When you google "what do teachers do," the search engine auto completes the question for you:

You'll notice that two of the top ten completions wonder about what teachers do in the summer. Thus, I surmised that you're sitting at home just DYING to know my summer plans. Before I reveal them, let me take you a little further down the Google rabbit hole where internet users answer the aforementioned query.

"buy more sweaters with prints on them and denim skirts and bad perfume."

"They drink a lot."

Note the teacher under her said, "Read yahoo answers saying what horrible people we are and how overpaid and underworked."

HILARIOUS, internet-ers.  On to my summer plans. I could do something definitively useful like enrolling in grad school classes or tutoring children. But, I'm going to fulfill a lifelong dream instead. I'm going to turn my converted garage into my own personal home library.

It's so Sherlock Holmes. So Virginia Woolf. So Jo March. So Ms. P. And I'm thrilled.

Right now my garage serves as a holding pen for the dogs when I'm at work. They have a doggie door that lets them out and dirt, gravel, and sticks in. 

It looks a lot like this, but with more dirt, which is why you aren't seeing the real thing:

But, I have a vision! It is going to be divine. 

1) All white surfaces....

....except for one chalkboard wall for recording memorable lines from favorite books:

2) Classic Persian rug

3) A black and white striped couch with good bones

4) A tweed chair - the professor's blazer of furniture
5) A side-table that looks like I chopped it down myself

6) Literary-themed throw case I run out of reading material

7) A wall of letters - being careful not to situate the wrong ones together...yikes!

8) Floating shelves that look like an art-collector with full hands just happened by them - so casual.

9) On those shelves will be (and this is my favorite part) black and white photos of people reading framed in black frames with white mats.

10) And, of course, books. Tall books. Small books. Musty books. Fresh books. Dearly beloved books.


Basically what I'm saying is, I'll buy a Kindle just as soon as I can figure out how to design a room around it. Nothing inspires me like scores of lovely, bound stories. But don't worry, I'm not a total elitist. I'll let you lounge in my garage/library with your eReader. I'll even serve you eCoffee.

Watching Craigslist like a hawk,
Ms. P

1) What is your dream room? A home gym? A chef's kitchen? A meth lab?

5 bonus points:

Cheltrl said...

My dream room is a beautiful craft room.

Picture this:

Tiffany box blue walls, a large Marilyn Monroe black and white picture framed in black hanging on one wall, other small colorful pictures framed in white frames with white mats (small stitched images perhaps), all white surfaces (sewing desk and tables), white couch with colorful accent pillows, a fuzzy white or colorful rug, and tons and tons of organized storage for all of my fabric and sewing supplies, scrapbook paper, ribbon, etc.

In my head it's so dreamy... sigh...


Ms. P said...

Do it in your new house, Chels! We can be room makeover buddies. Sounds like we have similar taste.

Deirdra Harris Glover said...

I want a soundproofed yoga/meditation nook with cork floors, ceiling art and a beautiful shrine.

stringends said...

whoa, that's going to be awesome!

my dream room would be a kitchen. tons of counter space, custom cabinets that include giant drawers, a walk-in pantry, and appliances that can hide away and pop open! oh, and food pictures, done by me. I can't do most of that, but I'm definitely going to do the food pictures.

janinejulia said...

My own writing room. With a large, oak desk to keep all my written work. Large windows to let in sun and air and to see the green outside.

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