Tuesday, April 24, 2012

25 of the World's Thinnest Books

Today we were like hipsters. Thin and ironic. Perhaps I should explain further...

Currently, my kids are chest-deep in some pretty heavy narrative writing. The natives were getting restless, so today I decided to let them step away from their memoirs to play around. This "quick" write turned into a day of laughter, wit, and irony that we all greatly needed.

"A thin book is a book the author has no authority to write or that is an oxymoron. It's thin because there's nothing to put in it. Come up with 10 titles for books that would have to be thin."

Below are 25 of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!

How to Hit Puberty by Justin Bieber
How to be Social by Boo Radley

Rick Ross's Healthy Cookbook

Natural Beauty by K. Kardashian
Emergency Exits by the crew of the Titanic

Freeing Slaves 101 by Joseph Kony
How to Dress Casually by Lady Gaga
Loving People by Jaws
How to Teach Math by Ms. P
Taking Life Seriously by Buddy the Elf
How to Keep a Girl Safe by Chris Brown
World Peace by Al-Qaeda
10 Tips to Be Tan by Edward Cullen
A Happy Place by Satan
How to Keep a Shirt On by Taylor Lautner
A Guide to Crying by James Bond
How to Grow a Full Mustache by Hitler
Dressing to Please the Lord by Christina Aguilera
Get over your Break Up by Bella Swan

Drama-Free Household by the Kardashians
Intelligence by Mike (The Situation)
Days of the Week by Rebecca Black
What to do When There’s a Terrorist on your Plane by Osama bin Laden
The Bright Side of Life by E. A. Poe
How to Be a Responsible Mom by the cast of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant

Yours truly,
Ms. P

Bonus points? Contribute to our list of thin books in the comments section.

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Beth said...

I still love this. And I thought of another:

"Remaining Relevant"
A Boy Band Anthology
With Contributions from the members of 98 Degrees, the Jonas Brothers, E-Male and more!
Edited by Nick Le Shay

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